Atelier Consultation

Exclusive, unique and personal are the words that define Jessica Bridal’s offer to you for a personal and unique experience – created around your requirements.

You and your dress

Each couple has a unique, intimate and personal story to tell. Everything about your wedding says: This is us. This is our story. This is our brand. And to begin that story, you would like to have the lovely experience of having the whole Jessica Atelier to your groups’ exclusive use for a late night fitting on a weekday that fits into your busy schedules. Creating your own memory. A Saturday Atelier Fitting can be discussed if a time slot is available in the late afternoon.

We charge $150.00 for this super exclusive consultation. Your appointment is scheduled for one-and-a-half hours. We will send you an information request per e-mail as to how many people we need to look after. Please note that we can cater for up to five people. We can extend this limit up to eight people for an additional cost of $100.00.

You can BOOK ONLINE or CONTACT US as soon as possible.

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  • What does this include?
Jessica Atelier will be exclusively available for your bridal group. You will be served chilly bubbly with a cheese platter. A professional consultant will tend to every dress to be tried on and assist the bride with advice on what works for her and what she should avoid. The finished look will be created with your favorite dresses accessorized with veils and jewelry. We will assist you and try on many dresses.
  • What info do you need to give us?
A few images of your favorite look, the kind of dresses you would like to wear.
Your dream wedding day description: where, how, feel, ambiance, décor, anything that help us to understand and create with you your picture perfect day.
  • What would you wear?
Suitable underwear/shapewear that supports your body nicely. Avoid black or bright colours. Heels, approx. the height you would like to wear on THE day, from your own shoe collection, no matter the colour. Avoid foundation, self-tanning lotions and makeup that can mark the gowns. Do wear a little brush of mascara and light makeup, tie your hair up or wear loose, like you would on THE day.
  • Who would you invite?
Your “trusted” ones. Friend/family that you can rely on to stay focused on you for the fitting with only your interest in mind. Avoid making the group too large, it might confuse you.
  • What if they are not in New Zealand for the appointment?
If your very special friend /family live abroad, our Wi-Fi connection is available for you to use. You can keep them connected via Skype or your favorite network connection, to be part of the experience. Please bring your tablet and we will get you connected.
  • What size gowns are available for me to try on?
Most of our samples are the traditional sample size, which is 10 – 16. We also have samples up to size 26. Your consultant will use tailor pins to do the fittings of your gowns and also insert extension panels if the gowns are a wee bit small. She will try her best to let the design work for your silhouette.
  • May I take pictures of the gowns while I try them on?

When you purchase a gown you can take many pictures of that gown. But not during the consultation.